Frequently Asked Questions

If your City and state are not showing in the location drop down (selector), click the link that says "cannot find my city & state", add your "City, State" then hit the send button.

If you are a Raker and want to become a host, simply click the become a host button from the top navigation.

Click edit profile from the top right corner menu item, update your profile and click the save and continue button when you are done.

To update your payout information, go to your profile,click the payout information sub-tab.

Your payout information statuses are:

  • New: You have never entered your payout information and Urbanrake cannot pay you or publish your listings.
  • Pending: This indicated that the account you have entered is pending activation. We are making sure that the information you have entered are correct.
  • Active: Your account is active, your listings could be published after review and Urbanrake can pay you when a Raker book and start renting your space.
  • Error: Unfortunately we couldn't verify your payout information. please enter a valid and active payout information.

Each Host will receive their deposit in 2 to 3 business day from the lease start date. Please make sure the payout information are updated.

Adding a listing, is the easiest thing you can do in our application, you need first to become a host, and from the top navigation, click the +Add a listing button, fill out the from then hit the submit button at the bottom.

To update you listing, click the edit button and update the fields that need updates, then click the save and continue button. Our team will review your updates and you will be notified once your listing is updates and published.

Go to profile, click my listings tab, select the listing you want to remove,Click edit, then scroll down the page and click delete button. Then click delete button to confirm deleting your listing.

To remove a listing, click the edit button, then scroll all the way down and click the delete button.
Remember: this action cannot be undone and your content will be removed for ever.